STOP Female genital mutilation - NOW!
STOP Harmful traditional practices - NOW!
STOP Forced and childmarriages - NOW!


our board - (from left to right: Sarah McCulloch, Heidi Besas, Neneh Bojang, Fana Habteab, Kady Koita, Tobe Levin)

If you want contact:

1. President: Neneh Bojang,  neneh.bojang at

2. Vicepresident: Khady Koita,  khady.koita at

3. secretary. Dr. Tobe Levin von Gleichen.  tobe.levin at

4. honorary assessor Heidi Besas: email: heidi.besas at

5. vicetreasurer: Sarah McCulloch, sarah.mcculloch at

6. president of honor: Fana Habteab, fana.habteab at

During our last annual meeting of january 2015 in Berlin (House of the permanent representation of the European Commission in Germany)
(from left to right: Heidi Besas, Neneh Bojang, Diana Cracium, Stella Isamel)